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My first Bi Experience

by jerry3902

I am a str8 very happily married male.  Wife and I had been to the theatre when it wasn't very crowded.  She jacked me and I played with her pussy so we were pretty horny when it was time to leave.  I asked her to wait for me in the lobby as I had to use the restroom.  While I was at the urinal and finished, a big black man came to the urinal beside me and unzipped.  When he pulled his cock out I could not believe the size.  I stood and looked at it while he peed.  

When he was through nothing was said but he reached and took my hand and wrapped it around his limp cock.  It excited me to have such a big  heavy piece of meat in my hand I started to stroke it and it grew hard very quickly.  He  asked me if I wanted to suck it and I nodded my head yes.  He removed my hand, shook off the last drop and dropped his pants, grabbed his cock and offered it to me.  I said nothing but dropped to my knees and his cock went to my mouth.  This is the first time I have ever touched another male's cock but it really excited me to be sucking and jacking him.  I have never felt like this and haven't since.  He must have been horny too as he didn't last very long.  When he came he shoved his cock into the back of my throat so I didn't get a full taste of his cum although what I did taste was sweet.  I also unloaded in my pants when he filled my throat.  I have never cum without stroking my cock but did this time.  I cleaned up and met the wife.  

We went home and fucked for several hours.  My only regret is that I didnt get his number so I could do the same again.  I have been back several times in hopes I will see him again to satisify this overwhelming urge to suck another big black cock.
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Posted: Monday, March 16th 2009 at 9:05:15 PM UTC
you are a closet case fagget..i like that about you
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