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I let my dad fuck my girlfriend

by yosha

My gf (who was 16 ) usually sleeps over at my house every 2nd or 3rd day.  We usually have some great sex late at night and sleapt naked afterwards.  Her parents knew she was sexually active and advised her to go on birth control pills.  So she agreed and within a month, I was no longer using a condom which felt really, really great.

After sex, we usually slept, but often, I would wake up around 3 am, and insert my cock in her once more while she slept in a fetal position.

Doing my gf while she sleapt was a major turn on for me so I only lasted 5 minutes until I squirted my cum in her a 2nd time that night.
Of course, my gf would wake up once in awhile and told me it felt great and she doesn't mind it at all.  So then every time we had sex and went to sleep afterwards, I would wake up 3 hours later and guide my hard cock back into my gf's sleeping pussy.

I did this so regularly that my gf got so used to it that she won't bother waking up.  She was a heavy sleeper that I can pound my cock in her with full force without her waking up and complaining.

I knew whenever my gf came over, my dad (who was 48yrs old btw ) would take a glance at her chest and legs and since he and my mom divorced when I was a little kid, he had been getting no action from my mom ever since.
And then, I had a really crazy idea, that came randomly in my head, but it turned me on surprisingly:

While my gf sleeps, I would get out of bed, call over my dad, have him quietly sneak into my bed beside my gf and have him gently fuck her.  And since my gf became accustomed of having a cock go inside her while she slept, she won't wake up and assume I was just doing my regular nightly fuck.  She would be too sleepy to notice that it was really my dad!

For a month, I fantasize about my idea.  I researched on the net that I was some sort of "cuckold" who likes the idea of having another man have sex with their gf/wife.
I couldn't take my fantasy anymore.  I must make it a reality.
So...  I decided I would spill the beans to my dad.

Long story short, he was shocked but he was excited.  But he also told me that he was surprised that I was the type of guy who enjoys watching another man fuck his gf.  So he ask me what I want in return.  All I want from him was to cum in my gf's pussy as much as he can, and I would be satisfied.
We set up a day on when we can do this, and I told my dad to get rid of his chest hair and hair legs just in case.

The night finally came.
I met my gf after school and we went to see a movie and eat at a restaurant afterwards.  We finally came home before midnight and we fucked for half an hour before she told me she was sleepy and said she didn't had much sleep yesterday since she was up studying for a test.

And before we knew it, we we're both in bed.  She slept, but I couldn't.  I was too excited.
So for 2 hours, I waited anxiously until I knew she was in deep sleep.
I quietly got up and went out of my room.  I knocked on my dad's door, and he came out, already nude and hard.  Surprisingly, his cock was a bit longer than mine, about almost 7 inches while mine is a mere 5 and a half inches.
Anyway, we wasted no time and quietly without a word went back to my room.  My dad was excited when he saw my gf sleeping peacefully under the covers.
We already planned this out, so without talking, he slowly crawled in my bed, under the blanket, and beside my gf.  My cock was so hard just watching him get in bed, and my heart was beating like crazy.

My gf was in a fetal position, so her back was facing my dad, but my dad slowly positioned himself towards my sleeping gf, that it seems they were spooning.
His right arm was holding his cock and was trying to find where my gf's pussy.  It took a minute, but his cock felt the wet opening and  it sank an inch right in..
He breathe heavily and whispered to me "i'm in".
Once I heard those words, I could have sworn cum was dripping from my cock.  My dad gently grab my gf's hips, and he slowly, slowly, push his hard cock deeper, and deeper in my gf's pussy.
I was jacking off while I watched my father, who was almost in his 50's, sinking his cock in my girlfriend's tight pussy.
Within minutes, he stopped pushing, and I knew his 7 inch cock was all inside my gf.

My gf was quietly sleeping and she had no idea that she was being fucked by a man as old enough to be her father.
My dad, then slid his long cock out, and then slowly sinking it back in again.  He did this for almost 10 minutes, until he picked up the pace.  He was thrusting his cock in a rhythm, but not roughly to shake the bed.
After 5 minutes, he slammed his wet hard cock covered in my gf's juices into her pussy and squirted loads and loads of cum into her womb.
My dad was breathing heavily and hugging my still sleeping gf while his cock was still inside her.
Afterwards, we both went out the room, and he told me that he never fucked a tight pussy since he and my mom dated in highschool.  He thanked me and went back to his room.
I sneaked back in my bed and I can feel my dad's cum on the sheets of my bed.  I felt my gf's thighs and lips, and they were soaking wet from her and my dad's juices.
My cock was hard again, and without thinking pushed my cock in her pussy.  It went in so easily since it was all slippery and juicy.  I did my usual deed and came for a 3rd time that same night.  I then fell asleep with my cock still buried in my gf's sperm filled pussy.
Morning came and my gf never suspected a thing.
Even after 3 years, I never told her what happened that night.
We're now living together on our own.
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