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Sex Confession Index > Bisexual > wife gets me drunk to suck her ex boyfriends big cock

wife gets me drunk to suck her ex boyfriends big cock

by tinydickbrucie

My wife was always complaining how tiny and insatisfying my little 3 inch cock was and telling me how big her ex boy friends cock was, and was always trying to get me to have a threesome with them, but untill one night, when we both got really drunk, or so I thought she was drunk, she dressed me up in her panties and bra and said she wanted to tie me to the bed posts, I thought it was a great idea at the time.  After she had me tied by my ankles and wrists, she said I have a big surprise for you a very big surprise, and called out come on in Bobby, and their before me was her ex boy friend in his full Glory, about 8 inches sticking straight out, as naked as could be, at first I was in shock, and humiliated hearing him tell my wife,, Kathy you said it was small, but not a babys cock, and they couldn't stop laughing, and she reached around and grabbed his cock and said after 4 years a real mans cock in my hand, but the height of the humiliation was what I would never have expected to happen, instead of my tiny cock going soft, the little thing got harder then it ever did, seeing his huge cock in my wifes hand, and my wife said Bobby, this is going to be easier then even I thought, and Bobby said he has got to be either gay or bi.  

Then my wife said we are about to find out and broke out in laughter.  My wife then shouted out to me grab your little sissy dick and start playing with it, and as if I was hypnotised I did exactly that, and my wife dragged Bobby's cock over to my mouth, and slowly put it in, telling me to suck on it hard and taste the pre-cum, which he had on the tip of his cock, and even to my wifes shock, I found myself sucking up and down on his huge cock and actually loving the taste of his cum.

And both at the same time they both said he is queer and my wife took out the camera, she had planned all along to use, if she got me to give her ex boy friend a blowjob, so she could use them against me in order to fuck real men again.  Well her plan worked much better then she planned, she got pictures of me sucking him off and also taking his huge cock up my ass, and had Bobby jerk off all over my face, to seal the deal.  Now I am a panty wearing tiny dicked cocksucker, and my wife is getting all the real mens cocks she wants, and she even has me clean them both out when she is done
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