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Nailing Mother-In-Law

by Anonymous

Sex with my mother inlaw.  My mother inlaw lives with us.  I was involved in a bad auto accident and she helped take care of me while my wife was at work.  I was totally bed ridden for four weeks and was in pretty bad shape.  Mother would feed me, bath me, dress me, and do all that I couldn't do for myself.  One morning she helped me into the bath and was washing me all over when I got this big errection that stuck out of the bath water.  I was very embarassed and she just smiled and asked what I was going to do with that?  I said I was sorry and couldn't help it as I hadn't had sex in over 4 weeks.  

Mother said she could help me if I wanted?  I asked what she had in mind and she reached in the water and started stroking my penis.  I was very errect and I thought I was going to cum.  Mother stopped and said she's help me with this problem after I got back in bed.  I couldn't wait.  I then dried off and with crutches got back into my bed.  Mother came in and slowly started stroking my cock and then put some vasoline on my cock and started giving me a wonderful hand job.  She massaged my balls and seemed to love how it made me smile and feel.  She said she used to do this to her brother who was crippled and couldn't walk.  I wondered how she had gotten so good at this!  I had the biggest hardon and I was about to cum when she placed a small hand towel on my stomach and I shot off with a huge load of cum.  Mother, now don't you feel better?  

I just smiled and said a whole lot better and went to sleep for another 2 hours.  The next morning mother and I repeated the same wonderful experience and it was great.  About another 2 weeks went by and mother was giving me my morning hand job when I couldn't help myself and I reached under her dress and started rubbing her panties.  She seemed shocked at first and then stopped and said this will help and slid off her panties and smiled at me.  I kept rubbing her and she kept stroking my penis.  She was really getting turned on and when I stuck my fingers inside her she stopped me and said is this going to be a problem?  

I said no and all of a sudden she jumped up took off her dress and climbed right on top of me and grabbed my cock and shoved it inside her pussy and started riding me like I was a bucking bronco.  My mother inlaw went wild and the 15 years that she hadn't had sex was being let go.  I was amazed at how tight and great she felt for a 66 year old woman!  She let go with about 3 good climaxs and just smiled at me with a big grin.  I couldn't hold it any longer and I asked if it was alright to cum inside her?  

She asked me if I wanted to cum inside her or in her mouth?  When she said that I burst out with a great big load inside her and she got a great big grin on her face.  We just laid there in total extasy.  Mother then pulled my dick from her pussy and slowly went down on me and licked and cleaned all the cum from my cock.  She then left the room and returned wiith a warm damp wash cloth and cleaned me up further.  I went to sleep for another 3 hours and when I woke up mother wanted to talk to me.  She asked that I keep this our little secret and never let my wife know.  She said we couldn't do this very much and wanted to know how I felt about what we had done?  I said it was great and that I was happy she shared herself with me.  I joked and said "it better to keep it in the family" and she totally agreed.  My mother in law has been living with us now for 10 years and we've had sex hundreds of time over the years.  My mother in law gives the greatest "head" and loves to swallow and eat cum.  Sometimes when I get home before my wife all I can think of is getting a "blow job" from mother before dinner and she never turns me down.
Comments about Nailing Mother-In-Law
Posted: Wednesday, August 16th 2006 at 7:59:27 PM UTC
Test reply to this confession.
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Posted: Thursday, August 17th 2006 at 3:44:46 PM UTC
Joined 8/10/2006
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Single Male
Posted: Thursday, January 25th 2007 at 8:35:49 PM UTC
nice story. she sounded good.
Joined 1/25/2007
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Posted: Friday, May 4th 2007 at 9:41:25 PM UTC
Hows your injury? you lucky === How funny ,But great
Joined 5/4/2007
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Posted: Thursday, December 20th 2007 at 6:27:20 PM UTC
WOW!! I know who's NOT going to some old folks' home!!Sounds to me as if mama is keeping up her end of room and "board"!
Joined 12/20/2007
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