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Mother-In-Law's Pussy

by Anonymous

I want to fuck my mother inlaw.  My mother in law keeps telling me how clean her pussy is and it's driving me nuts.  She lives with us and sometimes keeps her door open while she dresses and sometimes I watch her when she's naked.  When she sees me watching her she acts as though she is embarrased and trys to cover herself.  I wish I could get enough nerve to tell her I'd like to eat her pussy.  

I'm afraid she might get angry if I ask her.  What if she told my wife?  She's seen me fully naked many times and has even given me a few hand jobs where I came.  She might be almost 75 years old but I just want to bury my face in her pussy and get her to cum.  How do I tell her that I want to eat her?  Can any women give me any suggestions or pointers?
Comments about Mother-In-Law's Pussy
Male Female Couple
Posted: Sunday, July 11th 2010 at 10:35:47 AM UTC
well im no woman but if you really want to eat that pussy then you`ve just got to do it . how about a bottle of wine to loosen her up and a little tickle in the vag region what do you have to lose the chances of her saying no after that have to be slim to none older folks like to go at it too and its not like your family by blood
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Single Male
Posted: Tuesday, February 15th 2011 at 8:00:06 AM UTC
Pleasure you may feel it is but i want you to know that God Said that fornicators and the immoral shall have their place in the lake of fire that burns 4eva.Believe it or not doesnt in any way change its reality.God wants you to change from these lifestyles that contradicts His Word.REPENT b4 it gets too late.Jesus Loves U.I understand some tough times and heartbreaks u experience in life at times but i just want you to know that Christ ALONE can fill that void and give you Lasting Fulfilmemt.GIVE Him A Trial And u wil never Regret It.Once Again Jesus Loves and Is Gently knocking on the door of your heart.REPENT b4 Its too LATE
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Male Female Couple
Posted: Tuesday, July 19th 2011 at 10:42:15 PM UTC
go slow with her, tell her how sexy she looks, compliment her legs, her eys, her smile, she start feeling sexy, hug her when ever u can, press agianst her while hugging, let ur hands slide over her body as u release her, let her feel that she give you a hard on, stand behind her to give a hug while pressing ur hard on against her ass,again slide ur hands over her breasts, if she doesn't stop u, cup her breasts and feel her, rub her nipples to see if she leaves ur hands there, if all goes well depending where u are in the house, lift her skirt and feel her ass, sliding ur hand under her to feel her pussy thru her panties, if her legs part a bit get ur dick out cause she is almost ready to be fucked, slide ur dick betwen her llegs rubbing it againts her pussy, when u feel her panties getting damp, bend her over and slide ur dick in ever so slow, once ur in and she slides bsck on it, time for you t ograb her hips and pond ur dick in her as bes tu can while rubbing her clit, love to know how ya made out.....this is how I got to fuck my mother in law, once ur in the first time , 2nd 3rf 4th lost count will happen , she will be ur fuck slut.... enjoy .!
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