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The Sweet Smell Of Panties!

by Anonymous

Hi I have a confession too make about masturbating one day.  I was over at one of my freinds apartment, which is a female freind, well we were both having afew drinks, I was having a beer, she was having a rum and coke.  This girl is a petite girl, 30 years old medium size breasts and a very nice body, well as we were just sitting around talking and having a good time, I got up and went too the washroom for a pee, as I was in there I saw that she had taken a shower before I had come over because the floor was still wet and her bra and panties were lying on the floor, after going for a whiz I picked up her pink bikini panties and began sniffing them that started too turn me on big time.  I don`t know why I was doing that but I guess I just wanted too smell her scent of her pussy, well next thing you know I had started to rub them on my now very erect penis, I loved the feel of the soft silky material.  By now I was masturbating with her panties on my penis, which felt awsome, I kept on stroking my penis trying too hold back from cumming, then suddenly I heard my friend ask me what I was doing, I told her I was going for a whiz, she said "Well that's a pretty long pee break", by now I kind of nervous about doing what I was doing but didn`t want too stop because it was feeling pretty good so I kept on stroking my penis with her panties.  

I guess she was getting curious by now to what I was doing so she got up and came over to the bathroom, I was so much into masturbating that I didn`t hear her, and I hadn`t locked the door and left it open a little bit, all of a sudden I heard her say in a surprised but quite voice,"Oh my god what are you doing?  ".  

I immediatley turned around with her panties in my hand and a very erect penis and red in the face, and said "Oh I`m am so sorry!  ".  Feeling very embarassed and ready too make a beeline out the door, she stopped me and said, "Where are you going?  ".  I said that I had to leave and go home because I was ashamed of what I had done.  She just replied, "Why?  I don`t mind in fact it turned me on too see you masturbating with my panties!  ".  

Now I was starting to feel very releived and getting horny again she came up to me and hugged me, then put her hand on my crotch and started to rub me, the she put her mouth on mine and we started french kissing she was probing her toung in my mouth and mine in hers, now she started to take off my shirt, then I started taking her off till eventually she was in her bra and panties which were black thongs and black lace bra, she then said,"Do you want to smell these panties?  ".  

I said, "What are you being serious or making me feel embarassed of what I was doing? "

She said, "No I`m serious I told you that it turned me on when I seen you masturbating with my panties!  " She then took them off along with her bra but I just took the thong panties and started sniffing them they smelled soooooooo good and were wet a little bit, I guess she was pretty horny from what was going on, she said, "Do you like the smell of these panties better?  "

I said, "yes, I can smell your beautiful smell of your female cum on these panties!  "

She just laughed and we began to make sweet love as she moaned and told me that it felt great, I could feel she was cumming because she started to stiffen up and squeezed her sexy legs around my waist.  She had at least 4 orgasms, then I just couldn`t hold back anymore I just erupted my load inside her, I wish I could of came at the same time as her but anyway I pulled out and she asked me too snuggle up to her so I did, we snuggled for a while and talked about what happened in the bathroom we both had a good laugh about it an she reassured me that it was alright and that she had been interested in me for a while and that she was happy on what had happened between the both of us, she then started too go down on me after snuggling for a while and I erupted again on her beautiful breast as she rubbed my cum all over her body.  Now when I go over there`s always a pair of panties on the floor.
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