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Son In Law Fun

by Anonymous

Sex with my Mother inlaw. My Mother in law is a 75 year old woman who is a real kick. She moved in with us right after we got married as she didn't have a place to live. My wife worked and I ran a business out of the house so my mother and I were home all day long together. Soon after she moved in we would run into one another in the hall way going from the bathroom to our bedrooms naked or she'd leave her door open while she was changing and I'd be able to see her tits and her shaved pussy. I started masterbating one day in my bedroom and she walked right in and saw what I was doing. I almost died with embarrasement. My mother inlaw didn't bat any eye and said "If you need a helping hand, just ask! and went about her business of putting some clean clothes in the dresser. I stopped right away and she left the room. I put on some tennis shorts and went down stairs to see if I could find her. In the kitchen I asked her if she was serious about giving me a helping hand? She said anytime let her know. I said how about now? and off we went back up stairs. I took off my shorts and laid on the bed. She brought in some vaseline and lubed me right up and started giving me a wonderful hand job. I loved it! I warned her when I was about to cum and she said not to worry that is what is natural. I let go with a huge blast of cum and she just smiled and went and got a towel and cleaned me up. I thanked her and she said anytime just to ask, as that's what mother inlaws are for! I almost died with shock.

The next morning after my shower I was having coffee when she came down stairs and was only wearing a T-shirt, no panties or bra. How could I tell? Well for one the T- shirt was very thin and I could see her tits and I could see part of her shaved pussy when she was pouring her coffee and reaching in the cupboard. I didn't say a thing. A few minutes passed and I worked up enough nerve and asked her if she was serious about yesterday in her offer? She said anytime, I then said how about we finish our coffee and you can give me a helping hand. She said she like to shower first and headed back upstairs and into the bathroom. I proceeded to have my coffee and she came back down stairs and said she was ready if I was? Off we went to my bedroom and this time she produced some KY jelly and I asked her where she got that? She said she used it for when she gave herself an enema. I couldn't believe my ears. She smelled great and I peeled off my shorts and there I had a big huge hard on and a big smile on my face. Mother inlaw said to lay down and relax. I laid down and closed my eyes and she started rubbing my balls and penis. It felt great. She then started blowing air on the head of my dick and I was going crazy as she stroked my cock up and down. All of a sudden my mother inlaw wrapped her lips around my dick and started giving me the most wonderful blowjob I had ever had. I opened my eyes and smiled and she smiled right back. After about 5 minutes she stopped for a minute and said that she was hoping I give her a present! I asked her what was she refering to? She said to do what comes natural and not to stop for anything. I couldn't resist and I came right out and asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She smiled again and said "It's been over 20 year since I did this to any man and if you think your going to get away with not cuming in my mouth, your crazy" and with that proceed to do things to my dick that I never would of dreamed of. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I let go with the load or loads and she swallowed every single drop. I couldn't believe what had just taken place. My mother inlaw then sucked my dick about two times a week for the next 6 months and gave me countless hand jobs where she'd suck me off as I came.

Well I finally returned the favor one day and asked if I could eat her? She was as happy as a clam and we did that off and on for another couple of weeks when I finally popped the big question, would she like to ride my dick? She said she thought I'd never ask! My mother in law has the nicest pussy and is as clean as can be. We fuck and suck about twice a week and I must admit my mother inlaw is great in bed. Sometimes during the day to relieve stress she'll give me a nice slow blow job and she says her favorite thing to do is eating my cum! I must admit the woman cannot get enough dick.

One night I made love with my wife and after she was asleep and crept into my mother inlaws room and had her lick the cum and pussy juice off cock, she loved it and then i fucked her with a quickie. We agreed no more sex while my wife was home, it's just too risky. I recently took my mother inlaw with me on an out of town business trip and we fucked three times a day and I was so sore when I got home I couldn't believe it. This woman is a sex machine! I've tried everything with her and we just started anal sex and she loves it. Sometimes during the day I'll call her into the office and I'll have her beat my dick and suck on me and I love to watch the cum squirt into her mouth and how she eats it all.

My wife asked me the other day if I ever thought about having sex with her mother? I said what are you talking about? Are you crazy? She said not to get upset, but she feels bad for her mother in the fact that she hasn't had sex in over 20 years and she was thinking that I might consider it just once before she passes away? I said it never entered my mind and it was something she should discuss with her mother. Well discuss it she did and convinced my mother inlaw that it would be alright just once. Well, we tried it and my wife was so happy that she has said it's ok anytime. Now I have two woman in the house whenever I want and they both are trying to out suck and out fuck the other. I love it, the best of both worlds! My mother inlaw did something new the other night for the first time. After I had sex with my wife my mother inlaw went down and ate the cum from my wife's pussy and they both loved it. I was so blown away I thought I was dreaming. I don't know when the surprises will end! I'm a very happy son in law!
Comments about Son In Law Fun
Single Male
Posted: Wednesday, February 16th 2011 at 5:44:20 AM UTC
May God 4give you and that family of yours for all that shameful acts.Only God Will Judge U
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Posted: Monday, May 23rd 2011 at 3:42:37 AM UTC
Who the hell is this guy........for christ sake administartor do something.........No boduy forced him here
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Single Male
Posted: Saturday, October 15th 2011 at 8:03:56 AM UTC
How lucky can one guy get?
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