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Mother in Law with benefits

by Anonymous

This is really pretty hard for me to do and I sincerly hope my wife never finds out what happened between me and her mother. My wife is a registered nurse and works different shifts and some odd shifts. Well this is essentially what happened. My mother-in-law had just recently divorced her husband (my wife's father). It had been pretty messy, with my father- in-law ending up with everything. He had the good sense to get the most competent lawyer in their home town, and really screwed my mother-in-law out of everything; the house, the money, the vacation home, some rental propety, just everything.After the court battle my mother-in-law had no place to live, so she came to stay with us until she could get on her feet again.

Now Connie (my mother-in- law) was only 44 and very pretty and petite, with red hair. I have a very good job working as a computer security technician for a large company here in Birmingham. I have a very regular schedule and it wasn't long before Connie and I were spending more time alone than my wife and I were. On occassions we would go out to dinner, take in a movie, or just stay home and play cards.Connie was only 18 when she had my wife Danielle, so she looked a very young 44.

One evening I was watching a pretty sexy movie on TV when Connie came in a sat down; she looked at me and said, "that is making me so horny", I can't believe you would do your mother-in-law like that. You know its been over a year since I have had any sex. I didn't know what to say, except I can turn it off if you want me to. Then Connie said, "You want to get me all hot and then not do anything about it, huh." Now I could feel my cock rising in my shorts and was feel very horny myself (my wife, Danielle and I don't have that much sex, because of her schedule). I looked at Connie and said "just what do you propose we do about this situation". Immediately she got up and motioned me to follow her to her bedroom. As we entered she closed and locked the door and pulled me to her. We began kissing passionately and I felt her hands sliding down into my shorts. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to burry it deep inside my mother-in- laws neglected cunt.

We hastily undressed each other and were on her bed in no time. I want your hard cock inside me, she said. I want you to fuck my brains out. I began kissing her breasts and finger her wet hole furiously. Her cunt was soaking wet and I wanted to plunge my tongue inside her and search her clit out. As I made my way down her stomach she grabbed my head and said, I have never had my cunt ate before. With that I spread her wide apart and began licking like ther was no tomorrow.She began bouncing her hips up and down and pushing my head hard against her cunt with her hands and moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors would here her. I took my fingers and plunged them deep inside her vagina and searched for her g- spot. I was licking and finger fucking her so hard that she began to orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my head and bucked like a bucking horse, moaning and groaning every breath. Finally she began to come down and she said , come up here and let me taste my cunt juice on your lips and slide that big hard cock inside me. She spread her legs even wider apart and I entered her with my 8" cock, sliding every inch of it inside her in one fast motion. "Fuck me , with that young cock she said, Fuck me hard. After about 5 minutes of fucking her I felt my cock getting ready to fill her cunt with cum. I plunged as deep inside her as I could and let go. Don't stop, she said. Fuck my cunt some more.

I looked at the clock and knew Danielle would be home in about 30 minutes. We must clean up I said, Danielle will be here in a short time. "let me lick the cum off your cock she said, and with that she had my cock in her hands and was feeding it into her mouth. Gee, what had I found here, I thought to myself. My wife has never given me head, in fact she refuses to even discuss oral sex and says she wants no part of that scene. I want you to cum in my mouth Connie said; I want to swallow your cum. I knew I was getting close again, and I grabbed her head and pushed my cock all the way down her throat and began spewing my cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked my cock clean. I went down to my shower and cleaned up and was watching TV when Danielle came home. What's up, what you and mom being doing tonight she asked, to which I replied, just watching TV and reading. Now Connie has been living with us for about 9 months now andI can't even begin to tell you how many times I have fucked her and ate her delicious pussy.

I think Danielle is getting a little suspicious, for I am not able to fuck her sometimes and once when I was about to cum I called her Connie which aroused her suspisions. Connie has made no attempt to find a place of her own, and I have not encouraged her to, which seems to please my wife just fine. I know this sounds really terrible, but my mother-in- law is a much better sex partner than my wife, andI have experienced almost all of my fantasies with her instead of my wife. I can't imagine why her husband left her, but then again, his loss is my gain.
Comments about Mother in Law with benefits
Posted: Thursday, November 9th 2006 at 11:08:40 AM UTC
Hot MIL story. Sure would like to read about some other encounters.

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Posted: Thursday, January 25th 2007 at 8:30:56 PM UTC
sounds like you got it good. i wouldn't want her to leave either. tell us more!!!!
Joined 1/25/2007
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Posted: Thursday, December 20th 2007 at 6:51:58 PM UTC
What did the m-i-l do? To be divvied BY her ex-hub? As loose as she is, what do you THINK she must've done? This isn't rocket science here! A really "good" woman wouldn't EVER give head, and any woman who's good at it is as passionate as they...come. All of which points to Connie being the village bicycle. Everyone must've taken a ride... And I will bet that's why a Southern (Bible Belt) Court gave everything to her husband. Cuz usually, they don't. Not unless the wife was a slut.
But enjoy! Until your wife finds out and you are BOTH out on your asses...and YOU might get tarred and feathered, down South there!
Joined 12/20/2007
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