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Mother In Laws Confession

by Anonymous

My confession is that I have sex with my son in law.  This was back when I was 45 when it started.  My daughter married a black man 20 years older than she was.  One night after a party that we were at I had too much to drink and my son in law drove me home.  On the way there I was joking with him that he must have a big cock for my daughter to Marry him and I reached over and grabbed his cock in his pants I was surprized that he was hard.  I asked him if I was the one that made it that way.  He said yes I always give him hardons.  

With the drinks working on me and the size of his hardon I asked him if I could see what my daughter was getting every night.  He said it was a month since he got to use it on her and that he was only getting it from his hand.  I again asked if I could see it.  He said sure but I had to take it out myself.  It seemed like it took me an hour to got it out of his pants and when I did get it out I was trilled by its size.  He had to be at least 9 inches long and thick as my wrist.  I had him turn on the lights so I could see it better.  As I played with his cock he was telling me how my daughter loved to fucked and how she loved sucking him off and how he missed that.  I got turned on thinking of her sucking it I bent down and took the head and some of the shaft into my mouth and was giving my first blow job to a blackman.

He pulled over to the curve and took my head in his big hands and more or less fucked my mouth, he pumped my head for what seemed to be hours before he told me that he was going to cum, I told him to keep pumping in my mouth and he shoot his large load in my mouth, I almost choked on his cock as he filled my mouth up.  After he got soft he pulled my head from cock and asked me if I wanted to get off too.  I said fucking right I wanted to climax too.  I layed back in the front seat and pulled my panties down and he ate me out for 3 climaxes.  

When he sat up he asked if I think that I could take a cock of his size in my cunt, I told him that I would love to fucked by his thick black cock.  I have been sharing him with my daughter knowing it for over 30 years (the first two she did not know ) .  He told me that when he gets home from fucking me that my daughter likes to hear how and what we did as she sucks him or gets fucked.  Someday I would like to have sex with him infront of her and watch her suck him and get fucked by his thick black cock.  A happy mother in law!
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Posted: Monday, December 20th 2010 at 8:05:39 AM UTC
wow...now thats a story
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