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My First Bi Experience

by Anonymous

When I was in my early 30's I went to an all male bath house in San Francisco.  There I found the atmosphere interesting and it was in the late 70' and early 80's.  There where private rooms and main room with a x rated movie playing all the time.  I was in the hottub area and me and this older man started talking and we hit off together.  He invited me to his room and as soon as he closed the dooor I experience my first male to male kiss.  

I was married at the time but when he kissed me I could feel our cock getting hard together.  He laid me down on the cot and he was on top kissing me and feeling my body all over.  He eased himself up so I could see his erect uncut 8" hard cock.  I put my hand around it and felt for the first time another mans cock.  He could tell I wanted more and eased himself up further and my mouth opened and he slipped it in.  I can still remember the taste of his cock in my mouth for the first time.  I sucked on him and found myself laying him back and going down on him and playing with and sucking his balls.  I was then that he eased me around and we started to 69 each other.  

It was the first time I had another man suck my cock and he made it really hard and before I knew it I was cumming in his mouth and he took every drop of it.  I was still horny even after being drained and wanted to make him cum too.  I went down on his cock and took as much as I could in my mouth and sucked and jacked him off till I started to feel him stiffen and and he let loose a load of cum I can still taste today and I am 52.  I swallowed it all just like he did to me and it made me even hornier tasting him and swallowing his cum.  

Afterwards we lay there for a while and went to the bar to have a smoke and talk somemore.  I mentioned that this had been my first time with a man and he was surprised.  I also mentioned that I wanted to have a man do me from behind or with my legs wide spread and he seemed very interested in that.  Needless to say we spent the rest of the night together only at his house as he invited me there since my wife at the time was out of town I could do what I wanted.  We went to his place and the things we did together that night have stuck with me till now, but more on my first time being fucked by a man.  I now live in albq., nm.
Comments about My First Bi Experience
Single Male
Posted: Friday, December 28th 2007 at 7:02:12 AM UTC
I want to experience getting fucked with a big cock also. I have a 8.5 X 5 inch black dildo I fuck myself with but I am sure a real hard cock would be wonderful.
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Single Male
Posted: Sunday, December 28th 2008 at 5:27:07 PM UTC
I have had similar thoughts. I have had limited bi-sexual contact. Several times when young. Twice as a adult.
In every ase it was a hurried thing with no experience on my part.
I would like a slow replay and see where things go.
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Posted: Wednesday, January 14th 2009 at 8:44:53 AM UTC
I would be interested too. I have hard one experiencde with just both off us jacking each other off and it was with mixed tension so I didnt like it though I would like to try it again
Joined 12/3/2008
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