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My First Fuck

by Anonymous

I am now 19 and in college and have a very nice boyfriend.  My first time happened when I was only 15 years old.  My fathers younger brother came and stayed with us one summer so he could work at my fathers construction company.  Rick was 23 at the time and was engaged to be married that fall.  He had always hung around our house a lot while I was growing up and always picked on me.  I had just begun to masturbate and let boys really kiss me and was developing a hearty appatite for sex.  I would slip my fathers playboy and penthouse books into my room and read the articles on sex.  

I knew my father had porn movies because I had slipped and watched my mother and him watching them.  I had even seen my father fuck my mother.  That really got me hot.  Well anyhow, Rick soon began pestering me and touching me everywhere he could when mom and dad were not around.  This one day I had just came off my period and was very horney and Rick came busting into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower.  There I stood, reaching for a towel, that he quickly jerked away.  Gee, those are nice little tits, Rick said, and your pussy looks nice and tight.  "I said, how would you like to eat it?  " his mouth flew open and before I could say anything he was on his knees infront of me licking at my pussy.  I felt his fingers prying my pussy lips apart, then I felt the most wonderful feeling inside my pussy.  His tongue was making strokes up and down inside me and I could hardly stand this feeling.  I felt myself reaching orgasm and I pulled his head and tongue harder inside me.  

After that Rick would come to my room late at night and eat my pussy for what seemed like hours.  I would not let his fuck me because I was afraid of getting pregnant.  Then this one night Rick had licked my pussy til I had cum 3 times and he looked at me and said, "spread those legs, i'm going to slide this big cock inside you and give the best fucking you will ever have.  " I couldn't believe I actually was spreading my legs apart for him to enter me.  I had played with Rick's cock many time and I knew it was very large, about 8" to be exact, and also very large around.  As I felt this huge cock slide inside my wet pussy I could feel him stretching me as I had never been stretched before.  It felt good, but it also hurt.  I thought he was never going to get all his cock inside me, but finally it was and I felt him sliding it in and out of my pussy.  It felt so good and I must have cum 2 or 3 more times.  That was the best summer I ever had, and to this very day Rick still drops by and we find and a way to be alone and he eats my pussy and fucks me.
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