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Ode to my best friend

by sisyphus

I'm a guy who has a story about my best female friend.  She's very beautiful, skinny with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and she's a bit of a tease sometimes....  She also knows I fancy her and fantasize about her.

Once we were on holiday and stayed in a hotel room (separate beds ) .  The room was too bright so she slept with an eye mask but this eye mask isn't perfect and when one is wearing it one can easily see what's going on.  One night we went out partying, drinking and dancing and she was teasing me, like pretending to flirt and so on.  Then we got back to our room and sleapt.  In the morning I had such a hardon I just had to wank.  My friend was still asleep, lying on her back with her face towards me, and her eye mask on.  So I thought it was safe for me to have a nice wank, and even pulled my cover on the side so I lay there stark naked with her just over a meter away from me.

I was very scared that she was going to wake up and catch me, but this dread just made me even harder so I couldn't resist going on.  I saw that she wasn't in deep sleep because she was moving a bit as one does when one is waking up, like smacking her lips a bit and scratched her cheek.  I almost panicked and thought "what if she is really awake?  " and I realised then that even with the eye mask on she would be able to see me masturbating....  This thought frightened me like hell but also turned me on immensely.  My heart was racing and I almost thought I would faint.  For  a while I just froze in my movements, not knowing if she was awake...  But in my excitement I just couldn't help but continued to wank.  By now I was rock hard and it felt soooo good.

I imagined that she was awake and saw me and maybe even liked it a bit.  The fact that she was moving a little bit in her bed made me curious...  Then I started thinking of her, to kiss her pretty lips and suck her nipples.  This fantasy was unbelievably exciting and soon I finished by shooting a huge load of cum over myself.  And just after I have finished and put the cover back on she woke up.  The rest of the day was just like any other day, she was her sweet cute self.

This was my best masturbation moment in my life.  I felt a bit bad about it but this is something I have fantasized about ever since...  Was she really awake and see me?  And if so, what did she think of that?  So I still have this fantasy and it turns me on so much.
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