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fucking the pe teacher

by justagirl

Ok so it was my last year of high school.  We had gotten a batch load of new teachers to take us for various subjects.  Luckily I got the hot, straight out of uni pe teacher "mr Davey".  He was 24 I was 18.  He would let us call him Brian, as we really didnt have any respect for him as a teacher.  I went to an all girls high, and yes majoriy of the time the girls in pe class and wood work where lesbians.  I chose pe for the ski trip during Winter break.
As Winter break aproached we organised accomodation.  I hadnt handed in the check to pay for it, so one afternoon after the school had left I ran back to class to see mr Davey.  He was hanging up posters on the walls and invited me in.  I gave him a hand with hanging up the posters.  I knelt on the table, my mini skirt hem resting on the curve of my panties, back arched and stomache showing.  Flimsy white school blouse barely holding in my 34c's and I couldnt help but notice mr Davey  staring at me.

He then held my tiny waist and lifted me off the table.  I said "um thanks sir..  " as he held my waist  he glanced down at my breasts.  One of the top buttons and had come loose.  I said oh, and while going to re-fasten it, he said no, let me.  He began to undo my blouse one button at a time.  I could feel him squeezing me closer.  He was becoming hard.  I said..  "Brian, no one's around..  I wont tell if you wont..  " with that  he scooped me up into his arms, I pulled of his shirt.  Kissing me passionatly and fiercely pushing me up against the wall.  He quickly pulled down his shorts slightly, and pulled out his large throbbing cock.  I looked down at his muscly tanned 6 pack and pecks.  His shoulders were broad and strong, his arms, buff, and soft to touch.  He squeezed my ass and grabbing my panties with both arms, his weight pressed me against the wall, lifting my legs up above his shoulders.  

With that he slowly pulled back relasing me slighlty then pumped my pussy full of his large thick cock.  I wrapped my legs around his waist, slightly lifting my hips higher and lower to get the full pleasure of his cock.  "im gonna come" with that he took me from the wall and onto his desk, doggy style.  Bent over on his table, I could feel him deeper and deeper inside of me.  "your dripping" Brian said and laughed.  "I love it" finally we both couldn't hold out anymore.  I could feel my orgasm filling up inside of me.  I screamed as I came.  I never came as hard as I did with mr Davey.  I wanted him to come inside of me, and suddenly I felt, and heard him come inside of me.

I hiked down my skirt, and put mr Davey's shirt back on him, as he couldnt but resist kissing and sucking on my nipples one last time.  We both agreed that we must have a repeated session on the snowfields.  He wants to fufill an igloo fantasy including white fluffy lingerie and lots of lube.  I cant wait ; )
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Posted: Saturday, April 11th 2009 at 6:30:54 PM UTC
I got so wet reading. That was my fantasy at school. Damn ur so lucky.
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