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Swinging Community Anti Spam Policy.

We do not allow spam of any kind period ! We have a NO TOLERANCE policy towards spam and will act according to our TOS (Terms of Service) for any complaints about members transmitting spam !

What Is Spam?

Spam is e-mail which is sent completely unsolicited, for example the sending of e-mail to people that you do not know with links leading to our site. While we do not mind you telling others about our site or inviting friends to come and join in the fun, please make sure that you know the people you send mail to.

Spam is also deemed to be unsolicited messages in chat rooms, for example messaging people who join chat rooms with our link or the use of bots to spam people in chat rooms, while it is ok to tell others about our site in chat rooms if it is relevant to the discussion or topic, please do not post our site link over and over again and annoy people with it as this will often lead to spam complaints.

Spam can also be unsolicited messages sent via IM (Instant Messenger Programs) such as Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Skype and similar programs. Please do not advertise our web link to users that are not on your contact/buddy lists!

Spam can also be deemed as off topic postings in guestbooks, forums or news groups, while it is fine to add a link to our site or to your profile in a forum or e-mail signature, or to mention it in a relevant on topic discussion or to use it in a looking ad or in a response to a looking ad, please do not make off topic postings as they will be regarded as spam.

We also regard unsolicited Windows Messenger Service popups as spam regardless of the fact that there is currently no specific laws against it.

In essence all unsolicited electronic communications that contain links to this site that may cause annoyance or complaints will not be tolerated.

Internal Spam.

While all initial messages sent to other members of this site are sent unsolicited and that is ok, we really do want you to meet people as that is what this site is all about but please do not just message everybody if you have no intention of ever meeting them or sharing any of the other activities that this site offers with them.

If you run a group, while it is ok to invite others to join your group, please at least try to restrict your invitations to likeminded persons and please do not repeatedly send bulk invites to people as nobody wants to have to constantly delete invitations from the same group that they didn't want to join the first time they were invited. Again please do not let your enthusiam cause annoyance to other members and try to be considerate of others at all times.

Bulk messaging of outside links (other swinging/dating sites) is also prohibited and deemed as spam. Users should be aware that many phoney swinging/dating sites engage in this activity in an attempt to lure users there with false promises that there are thousands of lonely partners in your area that are seeking you. Nearly all of these sites show random fake pictures of cute girls with automatically generated profiles, some even send auto responses in an effort to get you to pay their membership fee, however most want the money up front before you can evaluate their system. Please be aware of this activity and please report all instances of any such solicitations to us immediately.

This site was started from just one member and a few of our personal lifestyle friends joining the system which is why we can guarantee you that every profile was created by real people and any messages or replies you receive are also from real people. This site is committed and here for the long term and we expect our community to grow at a very fast rate once word gets out about it.

Spam Policy Enforcement !

If we receive complaints about members pertaining to being a spam nuisance then we will have no hesitation in terminating that members account. This means participating in any of the spam methods outlined above and anything else that we deem to be spam!

Our members and other Internet users see it as our responsibility to ensure that they do not receive junk mail, please show consideration for others and treat others in the way that you would wish to be treated. Afterall, your regular email accounts probably receive enough spam already, let's at least ensure that this system remains free of junk messages.

We are fully committed to keeping this a spam free environment and these rules apply to everybody without exception. In short, if you break these rules then you can fully expect your account to be terminated without appeal.

We reserve the right by our own disgression to terminate any account involved with sending spam. In fairness we will fully investigate all complaints we receive before acting in this manner.

What We DO NOT Deem As Spam.

You may promote this site to friends and associates via e-mail as long as you have their permission to contact them or have a prior e-mail relationship with them. This is perfectly ok to do and is treated as solicited e-mail.

If you have a site, you may wish to tell your members about our site via your mailing list, this is also ok as long as the people you e-mail to are what is known as closed loop or double optin subscribers, meaning that when they joined the mailing list that they confirmed their subscription. Alternatively, site owners can just place a link on their site to ours or display one of our banners.

If you run a Yahoo group or similar or are a member of an adult or adult lifestyles related group then it is ok to post our link as long as it does not violate the rules of that individual group.

Using links to this site in a forum signature is also fine as long as the messages you post have content and are on topic.

Although we encourage our members to tell others about our community, please do not let your enthusiam get the better of your judgement as spam complaints can ruin it for everybody!

We encourage our members to mention our site at swinging parties, swinging clubs and meet and greets, get your friends and playmates to join too!

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 21st 2010 at 4:30 pm