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Good Reasons For Becoming A Member Of Our Community.

It's Absolutely FREE..! No Tricks, No Catches...! which is probably the singular most compelling reason to join. Once you become a free registered member you have complete access to every single feature on the site without exclusion...! Sounds almost too good to be true right? Maybe so but once you become registered and access the site you will see that what you have just read is completely true, there are no tricks, cons or hidden catches anywhere...!

Did we mention that it was ABSOLUTELY FREE?

Safety And Convenience.

Swinging Community offers a safe and convenient way to meet like minded people through our adult personals with the benefits of many extensive features (many of which are exclusive to this site) to aid your search for the right couple(s) or single(s).

Join Now It's FREE !

Why Did We Open This Site?

Swinging Community is run by swingers for swingers, meaning that we fully understand what is required of a site to make searches easy and interactive and to produce a good success rate. We also just happen to be professional web developers that have become somewhat disenchanted with other sites that are either purely commercial and don't really care whether or not the site produces actual results or not just as long as you pay to join.

Then we have the sites that completely lack the most important features and are difficult to use but they do at least try which is more than we can say for some. Also there are the crippled sites where you can join for free but cannot actually do anything worthwhile to properly evaluate the features, we are sure you all know the kinds of sites we are talking about where you can only test it for 3 days and can't access most of the features anyway or you can only browse a couple of profiles a day and can't actually reply to anyone unless you pay up. Then once you do pay the extra features you get don't meet up to expdctation anyway.

We also shouldn't forget to mention the increasing amount of fake sites out there that have been on the web for about 3 days and already have 20 million members. Surprisingly enough nearly all their members are horny single girls in your own town that are dying to meet you, meaning they generate millions of fake profiles at the click of a button and geographically target you based on your Internet IP Address. Invites to join these kind of sites are generally received as email or chatroom spams and of course you have to pay before you find out that there are no real members anyway. This is a waste of money and a waste of time if you spend time sending messages to members that do not even exist because they are not even human and we would wish anyone luck on getting more than an automated reply if they are lucky.

This leads us to the sites that have no trial period at all and claim that free sites are full of timewasters and only the committed swinger would pay for membership therefore their members are far more genuine than everybody elses, however from experience these broad sweeping claims tend not to hold up to scrutiny as these sites have just about the same proportion of timewasters and generally have very few members anyway which gives you far less of a choice. The other question that should be raised is since when does putting out money upfront for a service that you cannot evaluate make someone a more genuine swinger?, but almost certainly a fool, fortunately most swingers due to their free thinking nature are far too intelligent to fall for that type of ill conceived and blatant sales pitch anyway.

One of the things that disenchanted us the most is the way in which some sites care more about the money than they do about their members and are willing to splash their member pictures that they believed would not be available to none members all over the web. If you are a member of other similar sites just pay a visit to http://www.google.com and type in your username and don't be too surprised if you can find a direct link to your profile and picture where the whole world can see it. If for instance you use the same name for an instant messenger screen name and a friend, relative or work colleague types it into a search engine can you imagine what they might find? Some might argue that anyone can join the site and see the pictures which is true but why would someone join this site in particular to look for someone if there are no associations with this site and your username in the major search engines. In our opinion it is a violation of trust and not to mention indiscrete to make site member's personal business a matter of public record.

We believe in allowing members to fully evaluate our system before they buy for a worthwhile period of time and as part of our commitment to that philosophy will not be making any charges for membership in the forseeable near future!

OK enough about us and our reasons for starting this site and onto happier things. Swinging Community is as the name infers, a community of like minded adults that like to take their sexual fun to the next level and involve others in their sex lives. Swinging Community provides a safe and most of all discrete environment in which to become acquainted with others and fulfill your fantasies or desires.

What Do We Offer Our Members?

Here are just some of the features that Swinging Community currently offers to its members:

Your own personal and private mail box where you can save received mail and sent mail. You can receive mail with picture attachments and send mail with picture attachments and smilies as well. Picture attachments can even be pictures that are not a part of your public or private picture gallery.

Detailed Profile with pictures and extended information, extended information can be completely customised for those that like to make their profiles a little more unique with HTML code and of course an HTML editor is included just for good measure.

Picture Galleries including the option to grant other users personal access to pictures you marked as private for whatever time limit you specify.

Slide Shows are an even easier way to view a members pictures with options to view them in different orders or speeds, pause on a picture and many cool fade in effects.